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The Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail

Distance: 3,2 or 5,5 kilometers approx.
Av Hiking Time: 1 or 2 hours.
Highlights: Food glorious food! (and a cold beer!)
Be prepared for: Going back to civilisation.

You have a choice of end points - depending on where you want to get picked up. You can take the shorter route to Paul Sayer Brdige on the N2. This does offer you a view over the gorge you end at a Petrol Station (although there is a Steers!).

I would recommend you take the longer route and make your way into Storms River Village. It really is quaint and there are a number of restaurants to choose from including the Legendary Pink Caddillac restaurant.

Remember that I can pick you up from either of these end points and ferry you back to your car / B&B / airport etc.

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Tsitsikamma Trail Tsitsikamma Trail