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I am here to give you some tips, to ensure that you have an amazing, hassle free hike.

I run a shuttle service for hikers, on request, from airports to and from the start and finish, or from the finish to the start, whatever your needs. We also include a shopping stop for gas canisters and provisions if you’re flying in.

Many battle to find out this information before heading off on their hike, resulting in the hassle of having a car at each end of the trail and someone having to head off to fetch a car, only to drive all the way back again to fetch the rest of the hiking party. This is no fun when you are sore and weary after hiking for 5 days and all you want to do is relax with your hiking buddies, reflecting on the past 5 days’ experiences.

If you are driving from Cape Town direction, it is a good idea to park your car at the SanParks site at Natures Valley, De Vasselot, where you will be finishing, so that you will be closer to Cape Town for the return trip. This way you will also avoid the Tsitsikamma toll fees which amount to R63.50 each way.

There is safe, shady parking at both the finish and the start and you can leave your vehicle at either of these places, whichever suits your itinerary.

If you can manage the extra 2 kilometer stroll to the Blue Rocks Restaurant/pub in Natures Valley when you finish day 5, I can fetch you from there after you have indulged in a well earned, hearty meal and the customary ‘shooter’.

I run an owner operated shuttle business, and have the necessary “P.D.P.” licence and passenger insurances in place.


The constant feedback from my passengers - very excited, tired, experienced, novice, young, old and a few despondent hikers, who had to take an escape route for whatever reason, over the last 15 years, is always changing. It is a life changing experience, without a doubt!

I trust that this site will give you the tips to help make your hiking experience smooth and pleasant!

The Otter Trail is rated as one of the top hiking trails in the world, so make sure you are as prepared as can be, to be able to squeeze out maximum enjoyment of this magnificent, unforgettable experience!

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