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The Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail

Distance: Approximately 3,6 kilometers.
Av Hiking Time: 1,5 hours.
Highlights: Beautiful long beach, swimming in river.
Be prepared for: Rough seas.

The first day you have a choice of places to start. You can start at the Sanpark hut in Natures Valley (unmanned if you are starting off early morning or on weekends) and then make your way along the Groot River Lagoon. This is a beautiful walk along an old unused jeep track. At one section there is a bridge that was washed away, but it is easy to cross.

Alternatively you can start at the Natures Valley Beach carpark. It is a short walk along the beach and across the mouth of the river (ankle deep, depending on the tide) to Kalander hut.

The hut is at the base of the spectacular Douwurmkop next to the river mouth. Be warned that the next day’s trail starts just before you reach Kalander hut. So don’t be tempted to turn left and head up the escarpment or you will miss the first night’s hut completely.

Tips for Day 1:

Don't swim in the sea. This beach has many riptides and can be dangerous. Rather swim in the river.


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Photos from Day 1

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